Dental Benefits

Basic Dental CoveraGE Basic Coverage
This benefit usually provides coverage for diagnostic services such as oral examinations, x-rays, preventive services (polishing, fluoride, scaling), minor restorative services (caries, trauma and pain control, amalgam and tooth-coloring fillings), prefabricated crowns, root canals, periodontal services ( root planning, occlusal adjustment and equilibrium), denture maintenance (denture relines, denture rebases, resilient liner, denture repairs, denture adjustments) and oral surgery.
Major and Orthodontics
This benefit usually provides coverage for crowns, onlays, dentures and bridgework, denture-related surgical services, denture and bridgework maintenance (denture remakes, denture adjustments, tissue conditioning, and bridgework repairs) and orthodontics are covered for a person's age 6 years or over when the treatment starts. A waiting period may apply for this benefit.