Group Health Benefits

Prescription Drugs
Coverage includes drugs and medicines dispensed by a physician or pharmacist only available on the prescription of a physician or dentist to the extent that they are generally recognized as being effective in the treatment of the injury or sickness being treated and are not excessive or unwanted as judged by the generally accepted therapy for such sickness or injury.
Exclusions may vary but normally drugs or medications which may be purchased without a prescription are not covered.
Prescription Drugs
Major Medical Insurance
Major Medical
Payment will be made for eligible expenses that you incur in your province of residence, such as accidental dental, ambulance, diagnostic tests, routine eye exam (to age 18), hearing aid and private duty nursing.
Medical Supplies and Appliances
Plans will usually rent, purchase, lend or provide at the option of the company, the durable medical equipment such as diabetic monitoring and administration equipment, artificial limbs, aerosol equipment, orthotic shoe insert appliances, oxygen and oxygen supplies, and others listed in the policy. Maintenance of durable equipment is not considered to be an eligible expense.
Paramedical Practitioners
This coverage pays for services provided by various types of paramedical practitioners, provided that the services are not completed by a relative. Payment will be considered an eligible expense prior to reaching the maximum under any Government Health Insurance Plan.
Paramedical services normally include:
-Clinical psychologist         
-Massage therapist
-Occupational therapist
-Social Worker (MSW required)
-Speech therapist
Vision Vision
Plans will cover the cost to purchase spectacle lenses and frames or contact lenses. Spectacle frames, lenses, sunglasses, safety glasses or contact lenses are usually covered provided they are prescribed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. The combined maximum of 24 floating months may usually be applied on towards the cost of laser eye surgery.
Coverage is usually not provided for cosmetic or other special purposes vision aids; duplicate eye glasses or contact lenses; visual training or remedial therapy.