Our Group Accident Insurance plans are designed to cover employees and volunteers who are not covered under WSIB.

Unibenco's work accident insurance plan is tailored for participants in a non-WCB work placement rehabilitation programs. Also, our unique golf clubs' group accident insurance program is ideal to cover employees who are not insured under WSIB.


We Offer

Workplace Insurance

Work Placement Insurance

This program is designed for participants in a non-WCB work placement. The insurance program offers the basic elements of protection that is provided to any employee in a workplace, but is tailored to the temporary nature rehabilitation workplace experience.

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Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs Accident Insurance

Unibenco has a unique Group Accident Insurance program to cover salaried and hourly full-time and part-time employees of golf clubs who are not covered under WSIB. Employees are enrolled in the plan for the number of weeks required and can be excluded from the plan at any time.

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